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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  February 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. tonight bullet markers line a major south bay road. it all started when a burglary suspect tried to run over an officer. >> it happened about 6:30 tonight on el camino real in sunnyvale where betty yu is stationed right now. >> reporter: police officers still here behind these cars on the scene, just opened the road a few minutes ago. all the trouble started in the city of santa clara ended here in sunnyvale and we know cops just put out an apb. they are looking for a white mercedes-benz possibly with bullet holes on its right side and at least one car burglary suspect. this unmarked santa clara police suv pulled up in front of a car burglary suspect. this happened on el camino real
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near wolf road just before 6 p.m. when the officer got out, things literally took a turn for the worse. >> we were just like heard boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: sunnyvale police say as the officer walked towards the suspect's parked car, the driver used his car as a weapon. >> the vehicle drove toward the officer at a high rate of speed, officer fearing for his life firing several shots at the vehicle. the vehicle was last seen fleeing northbound on wolf road. >> reporter: a second police cruiser who stopped behind the suspect's car took off after it but couldn't keep up. during the chaos neighbor julie barker had taken cover inside her trailer home. >> i looked to the sky because i thought it was fireworks and my husband panicked and grabbed me and threw me inside the rv. >> reporter: the police officer was not injured in the shooting and at no time were any innocent bystanders or drivers caught in the middle of this. police also say they don't know how many people were in that white mercedes-benz that they
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were looking for at the time that initial car burglary call came in. live in sunnyvale betty yu, kpix5. >> tonight the officer who fired the rounds is on paid administrative leave which is standard procedure. this big tree in vallejo blew over in last night's storm knocking out power for hundreds of people who really did live through a dark stormy night. mark kelly says there is some unexpected good news. >> reporter: that's right. around 9:30 here the lights did come back on, so relief here many won't have to spend a second night in the dark and cold, but for the perishables this was still a few hours too late. for lynn bienculi opening her fridge is nothing short of depressing. >> at least $1,000 worth of meat in my fridge all gone to waste. >> reporter: lynn and her
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daughter marissa lost power 9:00 last night. >> i can't supply food to my kids, my animals. it's just horrible here. >> reporter: 375 homes in vallejo shrouded in darkness for 24 hour. just 90 minutes ago the lights came back on, but up until 3:00 today they lost their water, too. the water pump couldn't work without power. >> i had to brush my teeth with a water bottle and it's cold out of the fridge. >> reporter: this mess thanks to wind from last night's storm that knock down this giant eucalyptus smashing this pickup taking the power line down with it. >> the power kind of went on and off and all of a sudden everything went black. >> reporter: the modern comfort were gone, but for this family they kept smiling in the darkness. >> we made a fire and we made do. >> reporter: that's nice, brought you together for a little bit. >> exactly. you don't always do that. >> reporter: len and marissa are one of the lucky ones. they do have their lights back
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on tonight. as for the rest, pg&e says they plan to stay out here a few more hours to get everyone's lights back on. tonight highway 9 in santa cruz county is back open. a mudslide shut it down for 13 hours today. caltrans brought in earth movers to clear out the debris. it was the first storm of the year, paul. it was a soaker. >> minimum of 1 1/2 inches of rainfall throughout the bay area. many spots would double that or more. more than 2 inches of rainfall in dublin, livermore, union city, palo alto, mountain view, san bruno, 5 inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains, san rafael nearly 4 inches, concord and marin nearly 3, napa nearly 3 inches of rainfall. it rained a ton up in far northern california, relative to where the reservoir should this be time of year, folsom lake almost back to average, 91% of normal, shasta lake 71%
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and lake oroville at 64%. there is still more work to do, but we're getting there, albeit slowly. we'll talk about what comes up next, another turn on the dime with weather. that's coming up. teenage boy under arrest tonight accused of kidnapping, raping and robbing a domino's pizza delivery driver. antioch police got a call from the 22-year-old victim before noon yesterday. she told them that she arrived at a bogus address to find the suspect waiting for her. he ordered her to drive to another location where he attacked her. once she drove him back, he ran away but didn't get far thanks to the victim. >> she was composed, obviously shaken up but composed enough to provide us with a very good detailed statement as to what occurred, which enabled the officers to gather up another information to locate a suspect and take him into custody. >> that suspect is 17 years old. police won't say much excepted
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-- except he has a criminal record. domino's said, "we will be working with the fran chose owner to -- franchise owner to provide the victim with whatever support she needs. extremely dangerous situation. the afternoon rush turned into a scary commute for drivers south and east of downtown los angeles monday. a man suspected of stealing a toyota camry sped through residential streets in effort to evade police. >> there we go. oh! >> reporter: he collided with several cars while speeding through intersections, sometime driving into oncoming traffic. it was a wrong-way collision that brought the camry to a stop but not the chase. >> it looks like he has a weapon. he does. he's got a weapon. >> reporter: the suspect got out of the camry and carjack another vehicle sending its driver running into the street. >> i just stopped the car. >> reporter: the pursuit
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continued on major highway with police following behind. >> this guy is desperate, armed and definitely trying to get away. >> reporter: but the driver's luck ran out when he was wedged in heavy traffic. he fled on foot and tried to get into another car but was shot out by police as he ran down the road, was taken away by ambulance and likely faces a very long list of charges. bigad shaban, cbs news, los angeles. >> no officers were hurt and the people in the other cars that were hit all seem to be okay. port of oakland is back open tonight, but cargo traffic is at a crawl. all 29 west coast ports shut down over the weekend as part of a bitter contract battle between the dockworkers and their employers. both sides are set to head back to the bargaining table wednesday. west coast port system handles nearly a trillion dollars in annual trade. the big push tonight to speed up one of the bay area's worst commutes. drivers in marin spend an
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average of 28.6 minutes stuck in traffic every day. that's slightly higher than the bay area average, but andria borba says easing the jam could be painfully slow. >> reporter: it's possibly the biggest logjam in the area, trying to get from san rafael to richmond. the daily bridge backup typically runs 7 miles. >> it's difficult. you're just sitting in your car all the time. >> reporter: a proposed third lane eastbound is barreling down the red tape expressway to reality, but the total $74 million fix is a blip on the horizon with construction not slated until 2018. >> it's frustrating that our public agencies are unable to get things done more quickly. >> reporter: a meeting of the bay area council laid out the fix and timeline much to the chagrin of frantic drivers who want a faster commute sooner. >> if we look, for example, at how quickly the bay bridge
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earthquake damage was fixed and how quickly the damaged bridge at the maze was fix, certainly doesn't seem it should take us three years to fix this problem. >> everybody is in favor of this. all the politicians are here. they want to do, something but what he said, let's scrunch that schedule of timing. >> reporter: there may be a bit of hope. assembly member mark levine introduced a.b.157 which would combine the environmental review process in the hopes of returning drivers to a faster commute sooner rather than later. >> the key problem with getting that live lane built is the retaining wall that was install -- that third lane built is the retaining wall that was installed many years ago has to be torn down. the woman known as a regular stow-away is at it again. this is the newest mugshot of 63-year-old marilyn hartman after being arrested for fraud. police say she impersonated a
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hotel guest to get a room at the omni resort in jacksonville. after being caught she slipped away and took shelter in a room that was being renovated. san francisco police arrested hartman a number of times at sfo for trying to bore flight without ticket. last year she snuck on a flight from san jose to los angeles. how often do you do this? watch out. tonight we discovered one red light camera in the bay area that is nailing 600 drivers a month for those california stops. >> a big bay area fire tonight. this man has raised almost $200,000 to help the victims, but someone is demanding a cut
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we have discovered one bay area city is raking in a ton of cash thanks to just one red light camera. in fact, it is catching 15 times more drivers than it used to. what's going on? tonight here's what allen martin found out. >> reporter: better watch your moves at this intersection because big brother is watching you. it's a red light camera at the millbrae exit strategically located next to this b.a.r.t. parking lot and just down the road there's a rental car return for sfo. jim listener monitors red light cameraer programs and says last summer the number of tickets issued at the intersection skyrocketed. >> from approximately 40 tickets a month to 600. >> reporter: among the drivers nailed? gina para. >> i didn't even see them. >> reporter: weeks later the ticket came in the mail.
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>> what i immediately saw first was a picture of me with my sunglasses on taken through the windshield. >> reporter: caught in the act of not stopping before turning right, illegal under state traffic laws. >> the california stop is what it's called. >> reporter: the fine? 500 bucks and we saw a lot of cars doing that. >> it's easy pickens. i imagine for the city it's like shooting fish in a barrel. >> reporter: sergeant rick deck are is with the san ma -- decker is with the san mateo police department that runs millbrae's red light program. >> it's probably the right place for them to be. there's a lot of pedestrians and foot traffic. >> reporter: a hut and run accident damaged the -- hit and run accident damaged the old camera last april. so the company installed a new and improved camera. >> when we notice an increase in violations, we started working scrutinizing more and more data. >> reporter: after skyrocketing from seven tickets in april to more than 600 in may with the new camera,
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numbers dropped a few months. then in october they shot right back up to close to 500 a month. >> you'll see a vehicle come through with very little effort to slowdown. >> reporter: although that infraction sounds minor, sergeant decker makes the case rolling rights are potentially dangerous. >> your first danger will come from this direction, but our attention is away from these two pedestrians who potentially could step into this crosswalk. >> reporter: he says it's not a robotic process. two retired police officer review each individual carefully before issuing a ticket. >> you can see where they slow, they slow, they slow. >> reporter: technically it's a violation, but in this case -- >> so this is an example of something where there may not be a citation issued because we don't deal with halfway. we deal with clear cut violation. >> reporter: gina is not buying it. >> it's a regressive tax on poor people and working people and it needs to be called out and stopped. >> reporter: allen martin,
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kpix5. >> brilbray's net revenue from three red light cameras l.a. year was around $650,000 -- last year was around $650,000 making it one of the most productive in the state, maybe even the country, who knows? for a list of the top red light camera cities you can check them out at there are now at least 166 cases of measles in 18 states, nevada, delaware and new jersey have their first cases. so does washington d.c. and tonight the california department of public health is warning parents not to throw measle parties to intentionally expose their kids. it's unclear whether parents are actually doing this, but the health department is taking it seriously. tonight a good samaritan has helped raise more than 160 grand for victims of a big fire in s two weeks ago, but how much of the -- in san francisco two weeks ago, but how much of that money will they actually
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get? cate cauguiran says not as much as you think. >> reporter: all the fundraising efforts are for families in this building and the man behind the fundraising efforts say the victims of the mission fire will be getting less than what was donated, roughly $10,000 less. zach crockett is a san francisco writer who became a philanthropist after he watched this building full of apartments go up in flames. >> took me continue minutes to set up this page. >> reporter: is he it's up a gofundme page -- he set up a gofundme page to raise money for the victims. initially the goal? $2,000. >> it went from 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 100,000. it keeps going up and up. >> reporter: now he's aiming for 200,000 hoping to get families $10,000 each. >> the one kink in the equation has been gofundme. >> reporter: zach says gofundme will take 5% of all donations and we pay, the payment system, will take another 1 to 3% on top of that. >> i'd like to think they'd be
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as generous as the commune has been in a time of disaster. >> reporter: -- community has been in a time of disaster. >> reporter: so zach reached out and asked that they waive the fee. gofundme turned him down. tonight at the fundraiser others are trying to push zach's cause. zach is asking for people reach out to gofundme in hopes they change their mind. >> we're talking about 18 low income families who have been displaced from their home. they lost everything they own. every penny counts in the situation. >> reporter: cate cauguiran, cbs5. >> a gofundme spokesperson tells me while they applaud jack's efforts, if they were to waive one fee, they would waive all the fees. that would affect their operating expenses. we have set up a link to the site on our website well, it is a record breaking winter in boston. tonight lots of people are saying enough already. so much snow has fallen and nowhere to put it almost 74
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inches. look at these people buried. they're buried! >> not cool. >> we'll talk with paul about how high up into the it's going to get in the bay area this week. it's only february, the snow in boston piling up faster than workers can plow it, move it and melt it away. another snowstorm is forecast to hit on thursday. the #nomoresnow is trending on twitter tonight. people in this house in gloucester scribbled no more. someone else tweeted this is my car right now. >> if we could have just a little bit more of that precipitation. >> work out a trade. >> maybe not that much, rain in the equivalent. >> they owe us something back. melt that stuff and mail it to us. that would be one soggy envelope, wouldn't it. tell you what, around here we're not measuring snowfall in the 70s. temperatures will be in the 70s in the not too distant future. we are clear tonight.
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watch out for a lot of fog in our inland valleys tomorrow morning. it will be a very foggy start. rain is finished a while, not another drop this week. we have to wait until next week. san rafael 44 tonight, foggy, concord 43, foggy, fremont 44, likely see fog as well. that first chilly night after a big rain we typically see fog and that's how thing are setting up. snowfall around here. we actually have less snow in portions of the sierra than they do on the ground in boston. that said we got a 6% jump in our snowpack from the storm even though most fell as rain. the highest elevations got some snow, but that said 27% of normal. we need a lot more. now it's not for a lack of storms. it's not like the storms have stopped. our rain chance has stopped, but the storms have not. look at all this tropical moisture still out there. it's hitting a wall of atmosphere, big ridge of high pressure building back in. storms are still there. it's not going to turn into rain in your backyard. the ridge is building in,
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transitioning back to high pressure. the rain is leaving the pacific northwest. what that means, sunny, dry, record highs. as soon as thursday we will be in the 70s. valentine's day may hit 75. record highs are possible for four consecutive days starting thursday. the only fly in the ointment from sunshine start to finish will be the fog. some parts of the bay area may be close to 80 degrees this within. tomorrow the coolest day of the week -- weekend. tomorrow the coolest day of the week. antioch and san ramone will hit 60 degrees tomorrow. 66 in beautiful ukiah with sunshine tomorrow. near 70 wednesday. here we go. hello, 70s, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, monday, five straight days with parts of the bay area in the 70s. we go from wet to dry, like that to dry just with a snap of
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the finger. you guys have broken this. somehow you've wrecked everything. >> okay. >> we play the record backwards can we get everything back the way we want it? >> are you playing the east coasters? >> i don't know. we spotted this mystery van in the east bay tonight. is apple trying to give tesla a
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by chase. what's apple up to tonight? well, last week we told you about the mysterious minivan that has the east bay buzzing. it was covered in what appeared to be cameras and the dmv says it's leased to apple. business insider says it received an unsolicited e-mail from an apple employee that reads, "apple's latest project is too exciting to pass up. i think it will change the landscape and give tesla a run for its money." it's enough to reduce the toughest car enthusiasts to tears. >> remember that sinkhole that
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swallowed up eight corvettes? tonight crews finally finished filling in the 44-foot hole and reinforced the hole with tons of rock and steel. i went there to look at it, got to check out the progress in person, took a trip to bowling green, kentucky. the museum hopes to reopen the damaged section called the dome by july, maybe july 15. all right. ahead a hot outdoor venue is about to go into the deep freeze. >> and the ducks looking to finish the
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the bank of the west sports report is next on kpix5. >> nba up top of the warriors, it's momentum on the road rolled through philadelphia, although tonight the season may have hit a 6-foot 7 bump. autograph from league world series star mow nay davis for fan steph curry, tied 41-41 before curry made the high life. curry scored 20. sixers were pesky. shaun livingston, andre
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iguodala, warriors up by 14. warriors won the game but lost green here late. it is an ankle sprain. they won the game 89-84 and finished the 1st half of the season at minnesota wednesday. frustrated, i get it lost four of five. burns lit the lamp with three seconds left. cut the flames' lead 2-1. sharks fired off four shots on goal before the flames found the net. the flames have won four of five in this series this year, final 4-1. they leap past san jose. for outdoor hockey on the 21st, that's dan gregg, 200 workers and him and this refrigeration unit going to lay a hockey rink on the field for
11:30 pm
the sharks/kings game. at ann arbor with 106,000 people just screaming for hockey, that's what it was. that's what it's about. it's whether it's 66,000, 73,000, that's take lot of people, doesn't matter how -- a lot of people, doesn't matter now you slice it. people are here happy to be at an outdoor game. so that's why we do it. time now, pregnant pause, for the top five. serving pass for score for mexico's under 20 team, but it's the celebration that made the list, the human bicycle. no. 4 from the netherlands, watch this, watch this. oh, it cost this team the game. the goalie martin vander hart the goat. no. 3 georgia tech's chris boldin on four, ahmad hill of virginia tech. no. 2 in philly, schoolyard right
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here. >> a lead-in, off the backboard. >> sixers k.j.mcmcdaniels ripped it down. no. 1, how did he get the win? belinelli, the floater.
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david letterman is next with steve carell. >> our next newscast tomorrow
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morning at 4:30. come on, get up, join us. we'll see you there. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from a special place in your heart, it's the "late show" with david letterman! plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now front man for charlie and the moon dogs, david letterman! ♪ (cheers and applause)


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